When You Live For Jesus, You Have Peace Even In Times Of Uncertainty

When you live for God and allow Christ to live within you, nothing seems impossible. Challenges that come your way are but opportunities for the Lord to show His majesty and power. You have total trust you will be taken care of, you will not be forgotten and all your needs will be met.

You realize God loved you before you were brought into this world. You know in the depth of your soul, He created you for a special purpose.

You understand He knew you would have your weaknesses and would fall at times so He sent Jesus into the world so that you could see how to live for God, how to love God and how to love all of God’s children, including yourself. He loved you so much He did not want you to be separated from Him for eternity so He sent Jesus to die for all the sins of the whole world, including all the sins that you would commit, so you would be able to come back to Him with a contrite heart and be with Him forever. You understand, to the degree our human minds can comprehend, this was all a great sacrifice that was done out of a love we will only truly understand when we reach our heavenly home.

You are grateful, that in His mercy, He also gave us His mother, Mary, as our protector and guide to lead us to Him, and that she is a beautiful example of what it means to live in totally conformity with God’s will, even in the face of uncertainty.

You live in a state of humility and awe of the sacrifice that was made for you and everyone that is, ever was and ever will walk this earth.

You understand surrendering and living in a state of submission to Jesus is not equal to oppression. You understand true surrender to Jesus and letting Him take control of all of you, your gifts, your possessions, so that you control nothing or anything you do, and any decision you make you always consult Him first, actually means living in total freedom, free from the fear of pain, anxiety, suffering and even death, free to live as the person He created you to be. For if we allow God to be in complete control of all of ourselves, our possessions, our actions, our decisions, we never have to fear. For God knows all things, because He created all things. He sees all things and our whole hearts and the whole hearts of others. There isn’t anything He doesn’t know. So how can we not completely give ourselves to Him and allow Him to completely take control of our lives?

It is important we ask ourselves when uncertainty comes our way, when challenges arise, when things don’t go as planned, where do I turn? To whom do I seek for advice, counsel or comfort? Your Lord, the One who created you in His image and likeness, desires your answer to be that you turn to Him first, always and forever. If you do, you will always find peace, even in the midst of life’s greatest challenges and obstacles.

May Mary, and Her Most Immaculate Heart, continue to be our protector and guide, and may she continue to lead us to Our Lord. Praise Jesus for His goodness, for His mercy, for His love, for His kindness, for His compassion, and for the love which pours out of His Most Sacred Heart.

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