Bearing Our Cross And The Generosity of Jesus

When Jesus heals us spiritually, mental and physical anguish no longer have power over us. We can then, without fear or reservation, without trepidation of pain or suffering, unite our mental and physical anguish and pain to that of Jesus on the cross for the salvation of all souls. For when Jesus heals us spiritually, we can both bask in the heavenly peace and joy of knowing we are one with Christ, and at the same time, experience the mental and physical pain from our earthly ailments. No longer in fear of our pain, we can freely give ourselves over to Jesus, and He then takes what could be very painful suffering, and carries the heaviest burden, lightens the load, and sometimes, in a great act of mercy and love, takes away the pain altogether. For we must remember, Our Lord is never outdone in generosity.

I know a very generous and holy soul for which the Lord granted this favor. She was prepared by her doctor for a procedure in which she was warned would be very painful. In total trust, she surrendered herself over to her Beloved and Our Holy Mother and she felt no pain at all. For this is the generosity of our Father. His love knows no bounds.

I know another person who has bouts of anxiety, struggling with this her whole life. One day, instead of fighting against the anxiety, she told Jesus she would offer up her mental anguish for the salvation of souls, especially for those with hardened hearts, souls with lukewarm hearts, and also, for the fervent souls, so they continue to burn with the loving flames of His Most Sacred Heart. Continually offering up the emotional anguish, as it came and went, she also asked for the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, to assist her during this time. On this day, there came a point, during her prayer, she suddenly felt a release, a burden had been lifted, her emotional anguish had been lessened to a significant and great degree in an instant. She continues to offer up her mental suffering for all souls, but the burden is lighter, sweeter and easier to bear, and at times, joyful – for she is living for Jesus and her anxiety no longer has power over her. To this day, she is no longer afraid of her anxiety. If it comes upon her, she smiles and willingly accepts it as a opportunity to suffer and bring greater glory to His name.

May Jesus heal our hearts and souls, so we can all freely embrace our crosses for the salvation of souls, and may Our Holy Mother continue to be our protector and guide to Jesus, where we can rest in His Most Sacred Heart eternally in Heavenly Joy and Peace.

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