Look To Jesus For All Your Answers

Look to Jesus for all your answers, and all will be given to you. We must learn to love with Jesus’ Heart and look to Jesus for all answers to our life’s concerns if we want to live a life filled with peace and freedom and to live without anxiety. For Jesus IS the answer. We need only look to Him and see His loving gaze on us to know with complete certainty there is no problem He cannot solve.

He created us, He “knit me in mother’s womb,” His “eyes foresaw my actions”, “my days were shaped, before one came to be” (Psalm 139). He is our Father, and we are His sons and daughters. And like any good Father, would He not do anything to protect His children? This has already been shown to be true by His suffering and dying on the cross for us. His love for us knows no bounds. He only asks we come to Him for help. He desires so much to take care of us, to give us the answers to all our troubles and anxieties. And the answer is so simple. The answer is Jesus. The answer is to look to Him, look at Him, see His loving eyes looking down on us, feel the safety and security of living in His Heart, and know we never have to look anywhere else for our answers, only to Him. He is our rock, our stronghold, our anchor. Once we know this — truly know this with every fiber of our being — our life becomes simpler, we become free to live without needing to actually know all the answers. Once we completely give ourselves to Him and trust completely in Him, we finally understand we know nothing, He knows all. And all we need to do is trust in Him, surrender to Him and His will for us, follow His call where He leads us, and He will take care of the rest.

This isn’t to say we should sit around waiting for the Lord to do everything! Certainly not! The Lord has given us our talents and strengths to go out in the world to do His work, to take care of our family and community. I would say, living one’s life in total surrender to Jesus is actually quite an active life, and one that is devoid of self-indulgence and sloth. It is a life that is totally committed to the service of others, without counting the cost or what is owed to us or what we should get in return. But oh, what a sweet life it is! One that is filled with joy, love and the greatest peace — a kind of peace we could never receive if we lived our life for ourselves and in self-love.

Take a moment now to come to a place of silence. Kneel before Jesus and look up to Him. See His loving eyes gazing back at you. Can you feel His love penetrating your heart and soul? Can you feel the joy He feels that you have come to Him to spend even just a few moments with Him? Tell Him your troubles and what you are anxious about. Hold nothing back, and know even if you can’t think of it all, He knows all, so you needn’t worry about remembering everything. Can you feel the joy He radiates because you came to Him looking for all your answers from Him? Let Him penetrate your heart with the peace only He can give. And rest in His Heart so He can provide for you the strength and courage you need to live a life totally dependent on Him and trusting in Him in all things.

May Jesus grant us the grace to look to Him for all our answers. May Jesus continue to draw us to His Most Sacred Heart. May Mary and Her Most Immaculate Heart protect us and guide us in our journey to grow closer to Jesus each and every day and look only to Jesus for all our answers.


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