Jesus Eagerly Awaits Our Coming to His Heart

Living truly obedient to Jesus means giving of ourselves completely and wholly surrendering to the one true God, the Almighty Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ. There can be nothing we hold to ourselves, nothing we hold back. For by doing so, we rob ourselves of completely feeling God’s complete love for us. Jesus does not hold back His love for us; when we hold back parts of ourselves from Him, He cannot transform those parts of us into pure love and goodness. He desires to make us whole and complete and healed by the love of His Most Sacred Heart. And while it is true ultimate and complete obedience to Jesus will bring us our true, heavenly desire, it is still difficult. But Jesus, in His goodness and kindness, is patient, loving, merciful and eagerly awaits our coming to Him, and He knows our hearts greater than we do. He knows where we are in our journey to grow closer to Him. He sees the wounds and passions of our hearts. He knows our struggles. He desires so badly for us to run to Him.

He has allowed me at times during meditation to feel just a little bit of the longing He has for all His children to rest forever in His Heart. His yearning goes deeper than I could ever describe in words, and I could not truly bare the aching He has for us all to be with Him, so He only allowed me to feel a little.

Knowing where we are, He waits patiently. And at times, He doesn’t just wait, but follows us at a distance, gently calling us to Him through the words and actions and smiles and embraces of those around us. Ready and waiting to catch us if we fall and carry us if we can no longer walk. He has revealed to me many times how He followed closely behind me, times when He carried me and once when He scooped me up and ran to get me out of a dangerous situation.

Praise Be to God for His mercy and compassion and care for all the times He’s carried us all and scooped us up out of dangerous places and situations. For all the times He’s waited patiently for us to come to Him and for how He waits patiently now as we all hold back parts of ourselves that are hard to hand completely over to Him.

There is much more to write on what true obedience to Jesus is, more to come. But first it is important to know Jesus is there waiting for us and understands where are. And there is no need to fear He won’t be there, for He will Always be right there waiting for us. His Heart is ready and eager to receive all of His children at any moment regardless of where they are in the journey to Him. (Please forgive me if this sounds redundant, but it is very important to Him all of His children know this.)

May we all come to Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and rest in His Heart and may He give us the grace and courage to hand ourselves over to Him freely and without reserve.

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