His Heart Takes Away All Our Fears

If fear and anxiety are ailments of yours, run into the great Heart of Mercy, the great Heart of Love, the Heart of Jesus Christ. He is ready and waiting to receive all His children, whether we are anxious, fearful, sad, angry or in despair. He gave His life for us all, even knowing our sins would be the cause of His great suffering. He suffered and died for us, so He could forever provide a safe haven, a peaceful dwelling where we can always run in times of sorrow and sadness, fear and pain.

I’ve suffered greatly from anxiety my whole life. It was something I accepted and learned to live and work through with variety methods and therapeutic tools. However, once I began to experience the healing power of Jesus’ Heart, I learned that my anxiety was not something I necessarily needed to “work through” or “push through” any longer. All I have to do is place myself before Jesus, all I have to do is rest in His Heart, and in an instant, my anxiety vanishes, and peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding, flows through my body. There’s nothing quite like it. And I know it is the healing power of His Heart taking away my anxiety.

In His Heart, I am surrounded by His loving arms. I am still aware of the troubles of the world. I can see outside of this safe haven I dwell in, while in His Heart, the events that cause my anxiety (awaiting lab results, thoughts about what others are saying or thinking about me regarding my actions, words, performance at work, personal decisions and choices I make, or anxieties that may come up related to finances or the health of those people close to me). These events seem to be in the midst of strong winds and storms which seem to surround the outside of His Heart. But in His Heart, where I reside, I only see and am aware of these events and situations, but do not experience the anxiety, shortness of breath or tenseness that usually wells up in my chest — which it what usually happens when these thoughts come to mind. In His Heart, there is only peace and safety. Jesus communicates to me I should have no fear of these worries of the world. My only focus should be on Him. He is the answer to all my fears and anxiety. My fears and anxiety then disappear instantaneously, and I experience profound peace while I rest in His Heart.

As I write this, I feel I am not able to adequately describe just how miraculous the experience of Him instantly calming my anxiety actually is. What takes great effort and focus to calm my anxiety on my own through techniques of deep breathing, visualization of calm environments, and other therapeutic tools, are no longer needed, as long as I place myself in the Healing Heart of Jesus. I painfully wish I could find the words or way to truly describe this experience, for I desire all people to know the power of His Healing Heart. I can only hope through the grace of the Holy Spirit that those who read this will come to understand just what the Lord really does in these moments of calming my spirit.

May we all come to Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in times of anxiety and fear. May we all experience His profound healing and peace, relying on Him and His healing and merciful Heart.

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