My Prayer to Jesus

During meditation one day, this prayer came to my heart. It is my prayer to Jesus.

My prayer to Jesus
I desire to love you with all my heart. Keep me from situations and places and people that will detract me from growing in holiness and closer to you. Even though I may find pleasure and desire in those things. My only desire is to love you with all my heart in everything. My only desire is to be with you for eternity. I desire to love you with a love that I cannot contain and I must release through loving you and others perfectly. I desire to be with you always. I desire to save the souls that are in distress and mostly for those that are unaware of their need for you. I entreat to you that you draw all of us poor sinners to your Most Sacred Heart and to Her Most Immaculate Heart. Help us to yearn to unite our wills to your own, so that in all things we can only say a resounding “yes” to anything you ask of us. Praise be to Jesus Christ and His Most Sacred Heart and to Mary and Her Most Immaculate Heart. Amen.

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