A Heartfelt Plea to Visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

The Struggle We Sometimes Have in Finding God’s Will and Experiencing His Peace

Sometimes it seems difficult to know what God’s Will is for our lives. Many times, we feel we cannot hear Him or we do not feel He is giving us an answer one way or the other as to what His will is in each situation or circumstance when we are trying to make a decision. I know, however, God always is guiding us, He always is showing us His way, never leaving us to figure it out for ourselves. Our hearing Him or not, our search for the answer we seek and feeling we are not getting one is not due to God holding back, but to our willingness to hear Him out, our willingness to be open to what His will is. Many times, I believe we are unaware of our unwillingness to be open to God’s will, and that is why we feel we cannot hear Him or get an answer either way. Our anxiety gets in the way, and we only focus on the “what if’s” and “what could go wrong.” But in the silence, in the still quietness of our hearts, God’s answer to us, God’s will for our lives is there, waiting for us to hear it, to accept it and to follow it.

It has been a hard lesson for me to learn, and accept, and one that I am constantly reminded of, but I know whenever there is disquiet in my heart, anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, or anything other than peace, hope and love, I am in some way not following God’s will. Either I am trying to take control of situations or people or pride and selfishness are reigning in my heart because I am putting myself first before others.

On the contrary, the more I surrender to God’s Will, the more I live with peace and joy in my heart, with love, true love for others, even though I don’t know what will happen next, how things will work out, or what God will ask me to do next. It is ironic the more I surrender to God’s Will, the more I live in a world of uncertainty and yet, at the same time, great peace. The more I am guided by His peace, I make life choices and decisions that don’t coincide with what the world would may dictate as normal, logical or sensible. Yet, somehow, if I feel God’s peace with those choices or decisions, they always work out and are filled with abundant joy and blessings.

He Communicates to Us His Will and Gives Us His Peace in His Presence

I no longer need to ask for advice or ask others “what would you do?” as I did before. All I do, all I ever do now, and what I always suggest to others when they ask my advice, is to ask Jesus, visit with Him in His Presence in Adoration, before the Blessed Sacrament, even if it is enclosed in the tabernacle. We must go to Him, spend time with Him. Spend time with Him in His presence, in the silence. That is where God speaks to us, in the silence of our hearts, with His Heart speaking to ours.

Go and sit before Him, just as you are. No filter. Just where you are, what you are struggling with, what you are feeling. Be open about your feelings, be open about where you know you are struggling with sin, about how others have hurt you and those you love. He knows all this already, and wants so badly to heal your wounds and transform your heart.

Jesus always speaks to us in the silence and in His presence. The bible is filled with stories of God communicating His will to us by being present to us and speaking in the silence, the whisper, a gentle breeze, a gentle voice. Why would we expect Him to do any differently with us today, in the here and now?

No Obstacle Is Too Great for God

Maybe you’re reading this, and feel your life is just too busy, you have too much to do, then ask Him to help you find the time. Ask Him to help you find a way. There’s usually something we can do to spend more time with Him in His presence. And if we ask Him sincerely, and tell Him we do truly want to find a way, be sure He will absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, open the door and provide opportunities for us to come be with Him in His presence. Nothing will stop Him, for anything is possible with God.

Now, it may require sacrifice on your part – scratch that – it will absolutely require a sacrifice of some sort. Maybe it’s going to bed a little earlier to wake up a little earlier. Maybe it’s giving up some time you spend on something you enjoy. Maybe it will require an even greater sacrifice than these examples. But if you truly desire to be with Him in His presence, and spend time with Him, He will find a way for you to do it. Even if it’s just a few minutes here or there…in the beginning. I say, “in the beginning,” because I assure you, the more you spend time and visit with Him in His presence, the more you will come to understand just how healing this time is and how much you are blessed by doing so. And when you think about the sacrifice you will have to make to spend time with Him, just remember the sacrifice He made for you.

If You Don’t Believe, Go Anyway

Maybe you’re reading this and while you believe Jesus is the Son of God, you don’t believe He’s present in the Blessed Sacrament. That’s okay. It doesn’t change the fact He actually is present. It doesn’t change the fact He does want you to come visit Him in His presence, that He desires this in a great way. Go anyway. If you believe He is the Son of God, ask Him to come to you anyway while you are there. And tell Him you are not afraid of the truth, even if right now you believe the truth is He’s not actually present. You do believe in Him, and if He is truly present, you trust He will show you He is.

Maybe you’re reading this, and you don’t believe Jesus is the Son of God at all. Maybe you don’t believe in God at all. That’s okay. Go anyway. It doesn’t change the fact Jesus is, in fact, the Son of God, and He is there waiting for you. It doesn’t change the fact God created you, and He knows you more than you know yourself. He knows where you are spiritually, and He loves you a great deal. He knows at this moment you don’t believe, and He loves you anyway and greatly anticipates your coming to Him. At the very least, you’ll find a quiet place in the chapel to gather your thoughts. At best, you’ll discover the greatest peace and joy you’ve ever known.

Do Not Be Afraid

I’ve seen blessings of great proportion due to regular visits to the Blessed Sacrament not just in my life, but in the lives of others around me. I’ve seen courage develop to follow the Lord’s Will, especially with great uncertainty in the outcome, in those whom otherwise would not have taken the leap of faith. I’ve seen, and experienced for myself, leaving behind dreams and plans which had sensible and seemingly certain outcomes, for roads less traveled and less in line with the way of the world which resulted in many blessings, in the development of devout faith and a fast track to great spiritual growth. I’ve seen hearts transform in a matter of months, sometimes weeks, being purified of deeply entrenched sins of the flesh, of mind and heart, such as pride and prejudice, and in their place, be filled with virtue and greater love for the Lord and all His children. All of this through regular visits to the Blessed Sacrament and devotion to Mary and Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. Nothing else was done differently in the lives of those which changed before my eyes, only more regular visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

Be brave, my dear brothers and sisters, for God’s plans for us are always greater than we can imagine for ourselves. God’s will, if we choose to be open to it, to say “yes” to it, and to follow it, is filled with abundant blessings. We will never lack anything we need, and we will most importantly thrive spiritually, when we are following closely God’s will. God’s Will always inflames our hearts with love for Him and for all His children. When you follow God’s will, He will not only bless you and transform you, He will do this for those around you as well, because His love will be working through you.

Go to Him. Visit with Him. Spend time with Him. And be ready for great transformation and blessings on a heavenly scale. His Will for your life and blessings will most certainly be of an unexpected nature, but you will see when you are generous with Him, He will give you a joy unspoken of among those who do not know Him, a peace you cannot describe in words and a love that seems it will burst beyond the confines of your heart if you do not share it with others. If all this sounds outlandish and impossible, and maybe…too good to be true, be assured, my dearest brothers and sisters of all walks of faith, believers or unbelievers, this way of life is most definitely possible. It is the life of someone who knows their Creator, our Creator, and visits Him regularly. Go to Him. Visit Him. Know He is waiting for you.

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  1. Great article. I hope to incorporate adoration into my prayer life this year. Thanks for reaffirming that decision.

    • Laura Durant

      May God bless you! May you be filled with abundant graces that Jesus desires to shower you with in His presence!

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