Have You Experienced The Love Of Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart?

There is no love like the love of Jesus. There is no love like the love of His Most Sacred Heart.

Once you taste the sweetness of the love of His Heart, you will know it with absolute certainty. It is an experience of restfulness that is all-encompassing. You feel a peace that flows through your entire body, heart, mind and soul, connecting every cell, every thought, every ounce of good and pure love God created in you. It is an encounter filled with safety and security, and knowing no evil, whether of a physical, mental or spiritual nature, can harm you, nor can it even reach you. Even in the midst of physical, emotional, or mental pain or suffering, you experience a peace that overcomes and rises above it, and there is a knowing in the depth of your soul that one day all the pain and anxiety you are experiencing now, and even the pain you may experience in the future, will one day be no more; for when this earthly life passes, you will then, if you surrender yourself to Him and live for Jesus, you will then you be with Him forever and the peace you feel in His Heart now, will then be greater than you could ever imagine. These are the experiences of resting in the love of Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart.

If you’ve experienced a taste of this heavenly peace, even for a second, praise God and thank Him for blessing you with a glimpse of what He has in store for you if you only but live your life for Him. And praise Jesus, for He has given us His Heart to rest in, the loving flames of His Heart to heal us and sustaining peace and strength to aide us in enduring our suffering during our life on this earth.

The world needs to experience Jesus and the love of His Most Sacred Heart desperately. Not only because Jesus will heal us and give us peace, but because our truest desire, what we all desire most, is Jesus, to know Him, to love Him and to unite our will to His. And sadly, so many of us do not even know it. We desire to know Him, to love Him, to live for Him in all ways. We desire this because God created us, and He created this desire in our hearts. And if we turn to Him, spend time with Him and let Him take over our lives, He will show us His desire and plans for us, which we will discover is also what will give us the most joy.

As Mary, the mother of Our Lord, surrendered her life to God and gave Him her “yes,” without truly knowing all that would come, let us not be afraid and let us follow her example. And may Mary, and Her Most Immaculate Heart, guide us and lead us as we give ourselves over to Jesus and His Most Sacred Heart so He may shows us His plans and desires He has for us. And may the love of Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart completely reign in our hearts for eternity.

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