Let Jesus Take The Lead and Fill You With Joy

With each decision we make, we must bring our Lord into it. For even in our small decisions, we are either journeying to heaven to be with Our Lord or turning the other way. Jesus desires that we be with Him forever. The road to heaven is difficult at times and many times filled with suffering and pain. But where it leads us to is a place with everlasting joy and love. Pure love. An eternity of pure joy and pure love.

Can we even begin to comprehend that? An eternity…of pure love and  pure joy? Let us sit in silence for a moment and ponder what the Lord has waiting for us.

Can you see His face? His pure joy? Can you feel in your heart the peace that radiates throughout your whole being? Let the Lord fill you with His joy, His love, His peace today.

Invite Him into your life, each and every moment. Let Him take the lead and show you want He wants you to do and what His will is for each and every decision you have to make and how it will lead you to Him. And if His will includes suffering, let Him fill you with His strength and courage. Then, you will experience what you hear from those that know Jesus deeply say–how even in suffering, if it is Jesus’ will, there is joy.

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