Handing Others Over to His Heart

In His Heart today during my visit with Jesus in the Eucharistic Chapel, I felt His sadness. Sadness for the world and all those that are suffering. His sadness extended beyond the poor and sick. His sadness was also for those that suffer through their anger. Those that have prejudice, judge others, accuse others without just cause or with intent to cause harm, those that manipulate situations and others. “Those” include myself. I see what we are suffering from and that is from “self-love”.

I see how I judged someone close to me yesterday. I was angry with this person for not taking care of herself. Her not caring for herself has caused much pain for those that surround her. However, as I reflected in Jesus’ Heart on this person and my anger towards her, I could see it was that I was suffering from “self-love”, because really my anger was that I was inconvenienced by her. It is true her “self-love” has contributed to suffering for others around her, but in His Heart, I have seen the sharp pains of her wounds and felt Jesus’ sadness for them. I also see that my anger and frustration is mostly coming from my own self-love of not wanting to be inconvenienced.

What must I and we all do with those we have anger toward (whether justified or created by our own self-love)? I cried out to Jesus and asked him this. He showed me we must hand those we are angry at over to the His Heart, and we must rest in the Heart of Jesus ourselves. We do not have the power to change the decisions and actions of others. Frustration and anger that comes out in harsh words, yelling, blaming, accusations is not the answer to the conversion of hearts. The answer to the conversion of hearts is handing over ourselves and everyone around us (friend or foe) to the most merciful, loving and Sacred Heart of Jesus. There, He will heal the wounds of our hearts. He will convert our pain into love. He will transform our prejudice and ignorance into understanding and compassion. But we must hand ourselves, others and the anger we have towards others over to Him.

Jesus desires us to be close to Him, to be near Him. How closer can we be to Him than in His Heart? Let us all cry out to Him, rest in His Heart and commend our heart, mind, body and soul to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the guidance and protection of our Mary and her Most Immaculate Heart.

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